By-Laws of the Council of Union Retirees Regina


SECTION 1: Name of Organization

The Council of Union Retirees Regina. The Council is chartered by the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada.

SECTION II: Purpose and Objectives

(a) To unite retired persons in order to create a centre of thought and action on economic, social, civic and legislative matters.

(b) In co-operation with the Regina and District Labour Council, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Saskatchewan Union Retirees Federation, Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, Canadian Labour Congress and other Retiree Organizations, to petition legislators (regardless of party lines) for the introduction and enactment of legislation by local, provincial and federal governments to better the condition of health and welfare for all retired persons, consistent with the policies of the CLC.

(c) To promote the rights of all retired persons to a decent standard of living.

(d) To sponsor social, educational, and other types of events involving the seniors of the Regina Region.

(e) To provide support to the activities of the union movement.



(a) Members of Union Retiree Chapters, Clubs or other organizations, which are affiliated with the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada.

(b) Retired Union members who are individual members of CURC.


Officers and Executive

(a) The officers of this organization shall consist of President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.

(b) The Executive shall be comprised of the Officers and up to 4 members-at-large at the discretion of the officers.

(c) Officers and Executive will be elected for a two year period. Any vacancies may be filled by decision of the Executive for the remainder of the two year term.

(d) Cheques will be signed by the Secretary-Treasurer and either the President or Vice-President .

(e) A majority of the Executive shall constitute a quorum for Executive meetings.


Membership Meetings

(a) The regular membership meetings of this organization shall normally be held on the fourth Tuesday in March, May, September and November, unless changed at a previous membership meeting.

(b) The President shall call Executive Meetings at their discretion.

  1. Minutes of meetings will be read by the Secretary-Treasurer to the membership.



(a) The revenue of this organization shall be derived from the Council’s share of individual CURC memberships, any dues that it sets on affiliated locals or individuals and monies received from supportive labour organizations.

(b) Any local dues must be set by vote of two-thirds of a regular membership meeting.

  1. The Executive or the membership meeting may authorize actual expenses incurred to be reimbursed to individuals for carrying out work on behalf of the Council or to attend a Convention or a Conference to represent the Council.
  1. An annual financial statement and report shall be sent to the Treasurer of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada.



(a) Notice of amendment(s) must be circulated by e-mail or fax to the membership at least two weeks in advance of a meeting. In the event that a person has neither e-mail nor fax, the proposed amendment(s) will be mailed to them.

(b) Except for Article V (b), amendments will be adopted by majority vote at a membership meeting.

  1. Amendments must be sent to the Executive which will circulate them to the membership.

Amended: September 22, 2020