Council of Union Retirees of Regina
112-2001 Cornwall Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P-3X9
email: curr55@hotmail.ca

President: Elaine Britton
Treasurer: George Britton

Our Mandate

(a)   To unite retired persons in order to create a centre of thought and action on economic, social, civic and legislative matters.

(b)    In co-operation with the Regina and District  Labour Council, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Saskatchewan Federation of Union Retirees, Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, Canadian Labour Congress and other Retiree Organizations, to petition legislators (regardless of party lines) for the introduction and enactment of legislation by local, provincial and federal governments to better the condition of health and welfare for all retired persons, consistent with the policies of the CLC.

(c)   To promote the rights of all retired persons to a decent standard of living.

(d)    To sponsor social, educational, and other types of events involving the seniors of the Regina Region.

(e)    To provide support to the activities of the union movement.

We are deeply saddened by the recent death in June of Maureen Eckstein, a friend and founding member of the Council of Union  Retirees Regina. Many labour, community and retiree associations have lost a staunch, dedicated and committed ally. Maureen had remarkable energy and stamina. She was involved in various causes and organizations including the peace movement, library, public school board, preserving green space in our parks, support group for ovarian cancer, public housing, public transportation, poverty reduction, and the list goes on. Maureen was a tireless membership recruiter for CURR and used her extensive network of activities to enhance the work of the Council. She will be missed tremendously. 
Rest in peace, Sister Maureen.